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Hi, I'm Sharon Hawley

Going on 7 Years of Home Training


       As long as I can remember, I have had a soft spot for dogs. One day in my corporate world environment I said, out loud to myself -“ I know what I want to do”. (I would have added “when I grow up”  but I had already grown up, my daughter, too had also grown up). “I want to work and play with dogs”.  That was the first day of the rest of my life.


       I took online classes for two years while I continued my life in the corporate world. I worked with shelter dogs and took a class pertaining to them specifically. I took one more class “Canine Massage”.  This final class would round out my ability to sooth and train dogs to cohabitate with their human companions. Shortly after I finished my apprenticeship, I learned my position in the corporate world was being dissolved. It was close to the “retirement” time of my life so I took advantage of it and began my Board and Train services. I have never looked back. I have simply grown and kept moving forward. 

There's No Place like Home

    For the full effect, your dog will live in my home environment while he is being trained. He will be treated with love and respect while only positive reinforcement is used. Unlike people, all dogs want to please. They are happiest when their position in the pack (your / their family) is clear to them. Training will allow them to realize that you are the head of their pack and feel happy while fulfilling their role.

      During their stay with me, I will provide as many or as little updates as you would like. Each dog, like humans, is full of personality and character and that really comes out during social hour. They will not only learn to spend time with new people (myself) but also with other dogs. This provides them with the opportunity to  learn to be comfortable socializing outside of their own home.

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